inside our restaurant

Dine with us in our ground-breaking earth-friendly restaurant, ten minutes outside Ubud, heading up the Batur volcano with a view as far as the ocean horizon.

Surrounded by idyllic rice-fields and jungle, overlooking the largest natural pool on the island, you will find our haven ready to receive you for day, a week, a month, or a year.

We believe Earth to be a sanctuary, and Akasha Restaurant an extension of this philosophy. Our plant-based menu is grown and foraged from our own NewEarth organic farm and from within the surrounding natural environment, with an emphasis on both sustainability and local sourcing.

clean eating

Clean eating keeps your brain functioning at its optimal performance levels, while providing your muscles with the energy needed to pursue a dynamic lifestyle.

Choose from a variety of raw dishes, energizing tonics, elixirs and vegan foods from our abundant green menu. Our team of chefs aims to both heal and excite.

our food concept

We believe that in order to be your best self, your food source should both sustain and enlighten. With our nutritious and organic food, we provide dishes that satisfy and energize in equal measure.

Our passion is not simply cooking earth-friendly food, but for minimizing the impact that any food production has upon the environment.

By cutting down on food-wastage and improving farming methods, we can live in harmony with the earth and ensure heavy passions are balanced by light footprints.

completely organic

Eliminate unwanted pesticides from your body by consuming our completely organic dishes that have been sourced and created with love and attention.

We believe in the creation of self-sufficient systems which complement the natural environment – and our organic food-range matches this ethos seamlessly.

Every bite is clean. Every mouthful energizes. And every meal connects you to the earth.

sustainability and permaculture

With a strong, unwavering belief in sustainable farming, at Akasha NewEarth we practice permaculture, growing our produce locally while reducing the amount of water needed to raise abundant crops.

Using geometric patterns – patterns which can be seen throughout the entire New Earth Haven design – we apply efficient positioning and distribution of plants for the most sustainable growing environment.

Through our thriving permaculture approach we are able to increase the yield and nutritional value of all the produce we harvest.


AKASHA Restaurant & Juice Bar
NewEarth Haven Bali

Jalan N Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang,
Gianyar, Bali, Indonesien

opening hours

Daily 9am – 10pm


Please send us a note and we'll get back to you, asap. Thank you!


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